The Truth About Success

Being an entrepreneur I have attended multiple small business classes and engaged in a few courses as well. But there was one seminar that had the most impact on me.

There was a guest speaker by the name of Fred Fletcher he is an entrepreneur and also a reputable businessman. The topic of conversation was "Starting Your Own Business" which is a rather common agenda at majority of these small business meetings. So I did as I always do prepped to take notes and "sponge' any valuable information I could utilize in my own endeavors.

Fast forward about mid-way through his lecture we were at the point where we were pointing out the pros and cons of a "Brick and Mortar" compared to a "Online Business". It was clear for me to see it was a "If you can't beat them join them" situation so I sat back listening to perspectives from both sides as the surrounding business owners chimed in from their own personal experiences, this carried on for about 2 min that's when it happened..........Fred didn't agree nor did he disagree with anybody's POV simple put he said..

"successful people do the things that unsuccessful aren't willing to"

As I let that marinate in my mind I started thinking about all talented people I have come across in my line of business (music business). I often pondered, how could someone be so talented but still not be successful and then it hit me......You don't become successful because of a gift that was god given, you have to apply yourself, take that extra step, sleep a few less hours, do the things that other people just aren't self-motivated enough to even attempt. Then and only then will you see the paradigm shift.


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